About Us

The Hourglass companies are family-owned Canadian corporations operating since 1984. With offices in Ontario, Canada and a reputation for honesty, integrity and quality has propelled Hourglass to an enviable position in the Professional Vehicle field. European and Third World countries are fast becoming valued clients.


Hourglass President Glen Hogle has dedicated his entire life to funeral service and has been a licensed funeral director for over 50 years. His extensive experience in all facets of the funeral and automotive industries is limitless in its value to new and repeat customers alike.


Hourglass has represented nearly all manufacturers of funeral vehicles but has chosen a series of manufacturers that pride themselves in the quality, design, and longevity of their products. Similarly, they value customer loyalty, warranty response and service as we do.  Additionally, Hourglass is now proud to present a new Canadian designed specialty funeral vehicle- the Valkyrie, to reflect the changing nature of the funeral service industry.


Our motto ‚ÄúProfessionals Serving Professionals‚ÄĚ indicates the esteem in which our customers are held and the title which Hourglass has worked hard to earn.


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