Why Should you consider Leasing New or Used


The primary function of leasing equipment is to regulate and control cash flow.  Leasing requires less (initial) money out of pocket, and lower monthly payments versus traditional financing.   In Essence, you are only paying for the portion of the life of the vehicle that you are using...and the sales tax is paid along with that portion.  You can see how this scenario can make it easy to monitor and manage your monthly costs and profits regarding your coach / Limousine. Another major Benefit with leasing is that the payments are tax deductible for the full term.  

Benefits of an Hourglass Lease

-Terms of 72 through 96 months available in most instances, to tailor costs to your budget

-Every Hourglass lease has “no mileage limitation” for your peace of mind.

-You are never obligated to purchase the vehicle or guaranty a   residual value with an Hourglass lease (but you may if you prefer).

-Vehicles leased through Hourglass (new or used) are protected by our exclusive warranty, as well as manufacturers warranties still in effect, for your confidence.


-Should your leased vehicle require repairs causing it to be out of service for more than 4 business days, during its warranty period a comparable no-charge courtesy replacement vehicle will be made available to you.


-Should you wish to upgrade to a new or newer professional car, with Hourglass you may do so WITHOUT PENALTY after two-thirds of your present lease expires.


-Lease rates are calculated on a $0.00 down payment.  All that is required at delivery is first and last months payments (plus tax) in addition to registration fees.  Rates are controlled by the amount of deposit received at the time of initial order. (if applicable)

-At maturity, leases can be extended for additional terms at rates calculated on the residual value, yet another Hourglass saving.

For more information and to speak with one of our leasing consultants, please click here and one of our team  will be in touch to answer any further questions you may have.